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Blanc de Noir

Would you like to give away a special wine as a special gift?


The Blanc de Noir from WeinFeldSineu is made from the red Manto Negro grape. For the production of the Blanc de Noir only the juice of the light pulp is used without the red skin of the grape. The motif of the wine label, the Genetta Genetta Balearica, drawn by Biljana, underlines the specialty of this wine.


A special kind of wine deserves a special kind of presentation.


From this came the idea of ​​the virtual gift card.

Here you have the opportunity to hand over a Blanc de Noir with a virtual gift card, with your individual text on the film and thank you page, to the recipient by email, WhatsApp, Facebook or similar.

We will create your gift card with your individual text, send it to you by email and deliver the Blanc de Noir.

At the moment, shipping is only within Germany *.

* If you would like to deliver to another country or give away more than one bottle of Blanc de Noir, please contact us by email.

The Blanc de Noir was harvested in September 2020 and will be deliver to the recipient in spring 2021.


The price of the Blanc de Noir with your personalized gift card, shipping and the legal 21% VAT is:

€ 29.00

Have fun creating
Alex & Sören


Please press the play button in the middle to get an impression of how the recipient sees your gift card.

Here you can design and order your gift card

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