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Would you like to give away a wine differently?

Here you can choose the wine and create a virtual gift card with your individual text for the film and thank you page and send it to the recipient by e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or similar.
You can choose between 4 gift cards.

We create your gift card with your text, send it to you by e-mail and deliver the wine. At the moment shipping is only possible within Germany*.
* If you would like to ship to another country or give away more than one bottle of wine, please contact us by e-mail.

Please note that this is our first vintage 2020, which will be vintage in September 2020 and delivered in spring 2021.

Price of the bottle of wine with the corresponding gift card including 21% VAT and shipping.
€ 29.00

Have fun choosing.

Please press the play button each time.
Alex & Sören


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